Saturday, January 25, 2014

A dream deferred ...

This has been a very busy and blessed week for me, as I have officially opened a building-less bakery called "Terri's Cakes". My mom always baked. Every birthday party, every life event, every time I had cake growing up - it seemed as if my mother made it. She was very creative in her craft, producing cakes that looked like instruments, pizzas, animals and of course her wedding cakes were immaculate. She did everything out of her kitchen at home and never advertised a day in her life. She's known for her carrot cake that everyone raves about. Thanks to my brother and I we have also helped her create new versions such as my favorite, carrot apple, and his favorite "no nuts". 

Last weekend, someone asked if I could make her some carrot cupcakes for her upcoming birthday. As my mother was unavailable, I agreed to bake them. In production, God made me completely aware of my mothers dream and my ability to bring it to life. 

In just a week, we have made over 150 cupcakes for people spread throughout metro Detroit. We have baked for birthdays, engagement parties and just because. We have also found out FedEx is awarding grants of up to $25,000 in the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest and Terri's Cakes DETROIT is in the running! We haveuntil February 23 to be selected in the top 100! Please help us win by voting !!! And then spread the word!!!! 

Thank you so much for your support!!!

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