Thursday, February 27, 2014

Oops! These taste like pound cake...


I've been trying to perfect a lemon-lime cupcake using sprite as one of the ingredients. Yet, trying to stay with "all natural" ingredients. The first cupcake I made tasted like a marshmallow. No, really, I've never produced a chewy baked good but this consistency was literally like eating a marshmallow. The bad part was, the flavor was absolutely perfect! It tasted very lemony and very limey at the same time. Attempt #1: fail 

So, I tried a new recipe. I thought this recipe was very interesting as the first line  of the recipe read "...and beat for 15 minutes". What? Who does that? So, I experimented, changing some things around. The end result? Yum! Except, there were no remnants of lemon, line, or sprite. So, pass or fail? PASS! Why is this a pass and not a fail? Because out if this recipe, a pound cake cupcake was born! 

What would you want ok your pound cake? Icing? A glaze? Nothing? HELP! 


1 comment:

  1. A sweet glaze! Maybe sour cream
    or cream cheese based