Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kudos ❤

"Garnet: The first person to start on the 'Cake 'N a Cup' as dubbed on a hand-drawn sign I placed on my cooler, was a young girl that shared hers with maybe four other people. This is great! Soooo good! Get another one. So the introduction started. The interest continued to grow in spite of my stating that one was banana pudding cake. Chocolate and the carrot apple were the favorites. We, Gretchen and I, only had a chance to taste the carrot apple cake and the strawberry. Of the two, I liked the carrot apple cake......"

When I received this email, I thought I was receiving the beginning of a novel. The words were written so eloquently. I could literally feel the emotion in this piece. 

And, notes like this make it all worth it.

Have you placed your order yet? ❤

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